My Priorities

Over 400 people a year in Macomb County alone lose their life to a drug overdose. We must end the failed war on drugs, so that those struggling with addiction (and their families), can seek help without the fear of winding up in handcuffs. As County Commissioner, I will not approve the use of any county funds to aid in the criminal prosecution of drug users for non-violent, victimless crimes. 

Macomb County residents pay a lot of taxes, but you wouldn’t know it by driving around our roads. Less visible is our  underground systems, which leave our community at risk for sinkholes and pump raw sewage into Lake St. Clair. I will work to hold contractors accountable for shoddy work and “designed-to-fail” engineering that lines their pockets every few years at taxpayer expense. 

We’ve learned in the past few years that corruption in government doesn’t only happen in Washington DC and Lansing. As Commissioner I will never vote to raise my own salary, or that of any other politician. I will work to make our county government open and transparent in its operations.

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